We grow cannabis consciously

We hold ourselves to very high standards. As far as we’re concerned, there is only one way to grow anything: organically and sustainably. Because our soil is some of the richest, most fertile in the west, and because our climate is ideal for growing compelling cannabis, we let nature do her job. Every cultivation choice is based on bringing forth the perfection that is already inherent in the plants and on our farm. We are in Williams, after all. Some of the best cannabis farmland anywhere.


We extract and process with care

Grounded in the idea that anything we ingest should do no harm, we use only certified organic cane alcohol as our sole extraction solvent. We make this choice for the health and wellness of our customers, and we take pride in the pure, all natural products that we produce.


We deliver cannabis with commitment

Our formulations reflect our commitment to well-being: yours, ours, and the planet’s. We started as a medical cannabis provider and we will always place our customers’ health at the top of our priority list. Our cannabis products are designed to consistently provide the highest quality experience. Purity and potency matter to you, and they matter to us, too. We hope you enjoy, and always, feel better.