5 Things to Know About our Cannabis Products

  1. It begins with dirt: the clean native soil of the Williams Valley, where we farm according to organic standards.  That said, the term ‘organic’ is controlled by the US government, and they will not allow for cannabis and/or hemp products to carry the designation. That’s why we state all of our cultivation practices in writing, and why we encourage consumers to know their sources, so they can be sure their cannabis purveyors meet their standards.

  2. We raise healthy, unadulterated plants. Our traditional approach to farming means we let nature take the lead and harvest at the peak of potency.  We farm in our native soil, not in containers full of potting soil. We allow the plants to mature naturally with the changing of the season, rather than through manipulation.  

  3. We use the whole plant in order to provide the full spectrum of therapeutic benefits. We believe that isolating specific compounds negates the potential of the combined potency known as the entourage effect, while whole plant medicine is best for whole people.  By using organic alcohol as our solvent, and by not using any refinement techniques, we allow the full spread of plant constituents to remain in our oil. This allows for the most broad spectrum oil as possible, for the full entourage effect.  

  4. Our extraction process has been specifically developed to provide the cleanest and most healthy concentrate, utilizing only pharmaceutical grade organic cane alcohol as our solvent. Better extraction equals better oil.  

  5. Siskiyou Sungrown began as a provider of medicinal cannabis.  Our founders began providing for Oregon medical marijuana patients in 2000, and have continued to this day.  Our product line was launched in 2014, and hasn’t changed. When recreational sales became legal in Oregon in 2016, we chose to offer our products to the greater population through the OLCC program. Our roots on the medicinal side mean we will always be focused on our customers’ wellness by choosing the safest, most non-toxic, all natural processing methods.