Q: Are your products organic?

A. All of our plant materials are grown to organic standards, and we use certified organic cane alcohol for extraction and in our tinctures. That’s why we state all of our cultivation practices in writing, and why we encourage consumers to know their sources, so they can be sure their cannabis purveyors meet their standards.

Q. Are you a medical or recreational provider?

A. Though we began as a provider of medicinal cannabis, when recreational sales became legal in Oregon in 2016, we chose to offer our products to the greater population through the OLCC program. Our roots on the medicinal side mean we will always be focused on our customers’ wellness by choosing the safest, most non-toxic, all natural processing methods.

Q: What is the difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD?

A. There is no scientific or effectual difference between our hemp and cannabis based CBD products; the distinction is a legal one. We grow many of the same varietals in our hemp and cannabis fields. If the field is licensed by the OLCC, it is cannabis. If it is licensed by the ODA, and the plants average 0.3% THC or less, it is hemp.

Q. What is the difference between RSO and FECO?

A.  The cannabis industry is still figuring out what to call decarboxylated cannabis oil intended for medicinal purposes.

“RSO” is an acronym for Rick Simpson oil, and is the term that most people use to describe this viscous, resinous oil. There are a couple of reasons that Siskiyou Sungrown does not use this acronym. First, Rick Simpson has written that he does not want other oil producers to use his name when describing their products. Second, Mr. Simpson advocates the use of unsafe solvents to extract cannabis resin. Anecdotal evidence suggests that ethanol extracted oils have the greatest efficacy, and Siskiyou Sungrown uses only USP grade, certified organic, cane alcohol to extract resin.

“FECO” is an acronym for Full Extract Cannabis Oil. This term was originally conceived to describe ethanol extracted, whole plant oil. Now, FECO is used to describe many different extracts and concentrates, and the acronym has lost some significance. The situation is analogous to the term “natural” in the food industry, which is now used to describe a wide array of products with varying degrees of wholesomeness.  

It is crucial for consumers seeking medicinal products to research the options. Marketing can be misleading. Siskiyou Sungrown continually strives to produce the purest, most effective oil possible. We believe that whole plant oil extracted from organically sungrown plants using organic ethanol meets this standard.



Q. How much oil or tincture should I consume?

A.  Cannabis affects everyone differently. It is important to start with a minimum dose in order to test for tolerance, particularly with THC-rich products. Even if you’ve been a frequent cannabis user, appropriate caution should be exercised when consuming decarboxylated oil products.  With oil, begin with a drop the size of half of a grain of rice placed on your fingertip, on a food item, or placed in an empty gelatin capsule. With tincture, begin with two drops. After this initial experience, increase dosage incrementally until desired effects are achieved. Consuming too much THC can be an unsettling experience for some people. It is rare for people to have negative experiences with CBD, but it is always wise to start with a very small dose.

Q.  Can I take the tincture sublingually?

A.  Our tincture is over 90% alcohol, so it will burn mucous membranes if undiluted. We suggest diluting it into juice, tea, water, or another beverage, and drinking it. You may hold a diluted tincture solution under your tongue for sublingual absorption, if there is no burning sensation.

Q.  What is the best product for my particular condition?

A.  We are not permitted to prescribe products for specific conditions, or to make medical claims about our products. Please consult your health care professional for medical advice.

Q: My CBD oil crystallized. What should I do?
This is due to innate properties of CBD oil. The higher the CBD potency of an oil, the more difficult it is to prevent the CBD in the concentrate from crystallizing. There are crystallization inhibitors that can be added to prevent this, but we choose to offer pure CBD-rich cannabis oil, free of additives.  CBD is equally effective whether fluid or crystal, however crystallized oil is difficult to work with. Solution: If the oil in a dispenser crystallizes, solidifying and becoming hard to dispense, the dispenser can be warmed in hot water for a few minutes to re-dissolve the CBD and return the oil to a fluid state.  If this doesn’t work, please contact Siskiyou Sungrown for help or to exchange for a new product.



Q.  Where can I find your products?

A.  Our website lists nearly 300 dispensaries that carry our products. Not all dispensaries carry all of our products, so you may want to call before you drive, to ensure that the product you are seeking is in stock. If you can’t find your desired product, write to us via our website and we will help locate it for you. For the best selection, feel free to ask your favorite dispensary to carry all of our products.

Q: Can I order your products online?

A: Hemp CBD products are available for purchase online for shipping to Oregon and most other states. No company in Oregon can sell cannabis products online at this time, but they are available at licensed dispensaries around Oregon.