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Gayla - April 22,2018

Hi Guys

I couldn't wait to share the news in person so I had to email you.
I started the treatment for Justin ( my x ) on Thursday. ( I am following the basic RS protocol one gram a day ) Justin was in an explosion and lost his complete hearing 3 weeks ago. Last week MRI found 8 mm cyst on pineal gland. Anyhow today after 4 days of treatment ( most treatment given as suppositories made with your oil no additive inside) today Justin has a little hearing back and no headache and extreme ringing for the first time in 3 weeks. He was smoking 25 cigarettes a day now he's at 4. Years ago he fell off a 20 ft cliff and broke his lower back and is reporting he is almost pain-free after being in pain for 20 years from the injury!
He always wanted to take the medicine but wouldn't because he is a top construction guy in his career. Now he says his life is more important and is the greatest gift I could've ever been given. He's letting me be his nurse and it feels like everything is repairing.

I would like to send you an email for you to consider our stories for your website.

Thanks so much again and again.
Today is my sons 16th birthday and this is the best present for all of us
thank you sooo much


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