"My wife and I were in Cave Junction for a mini vacation. At the time I had a bad cold. I was congested and coughing. I hadn't had any cannabis in over a week.  So we did what we always do when we travel. We looked for a recreational dispensary, and we found Papa's Dispensary. Really nice place and the staff were very helpful. So I explained that I wanted something that I can take for recreation that will give the same affect as smoking. The staff suggested your Cannabis oil. I purchased your THC oil and your 1:1.  First, your THC oil is AWESOME! And Your 1:1 oil helped clear up some of my congestion. Not all, but enough that the wife and I went up to the Oregon Caves and I was able to walk through the caves with no breathing issues. I honestly believe that without the 1:1, I would not have made it completely through the caves.  I've been to your website trying to find your oil, I will not buy any other. But, unfortunately, I live in Klamath County, NO RECREATIONAL DISPENSARY!  Your oil products need to be distributed to more locations. It is the greatest.  So, that is my story on how we found your oils, and hopefully I can find them in more dispensaries in the future. I can't say enough about your product. The oils are well worth the money. If your looking for a good time the THC is the way to go.  And the 1:1 oil, well it turned what could have been a miserable 4 days, into an enjoyable, entertaining trip. Thank you for your magnificent oil.  Hopefully you can share this testimonial with some of the other dispensaries. I have already decided that your oil is all I want to take now. Just need someplace close to find it. Great Job To everyone involved. "

Siskiyou Sungrown