"The THC Rich concentrate is the first retail non-flower cannabis I’ve tried. What took me so long? Maybe it was just the giddy joy of finally smoking weed legally, and all those strains to explore. I had little experience with other delivery systems; my own edibles and some HO from a huerta in Mexico. But each time I’d visit my favorite dispensary I’d eye all the shiny baubles in the display case: containers and cartridges and unfamiliar waxes and shatters and think, good lord; we’ve come a long way. So my budtender took me on a tour, and after listening to my needs, made this unequivocal recommendation.

Though I don’t have any physical ailments to address (deeply grateful!), I am a human being living on planet earth and subject to all that goes along with that. My need from weed is an assist, to be reminded to feel rather than think, to be amused rather than annoyed, live in the moment and trust in the future, you get the point.

And that is exactly what I got. And then some. We all dose differently, but for me a miniscule amount had me thinking that a hike with my dog was a great idea! Yoga would feel good about now. I LOVE the rain! God, my husband is handsome...

You know. Like a portal to my happy place.

I have the same requirements for cannabis that I have for everything else I ingest or apply. It has to be as complete and whole and true to the way nature made it as possible. And it can’t contain any constituents that will poison me. I’ve learned that this company shares those principles.

I could totally see someone opting for this instead of a glass of red wine or to inspire a creative project. Or just as medicine for life. Love it!"

Siskiyou Sungrown