I LOVE Siskiyou Sungrown RSO oil, and have been using it nightly for over a year now.  I sleep for 10 hours a night, and feel a sense of optimism and delight with life itself, a very gentle lift.  As a Stage IV kidney cancer patient, this is essential to me.  In fact, I am now, depending on who you talk to, a Stage III patient, a shift that I attribute almost entirely to the cannabis I use.  It's organic, and carefully grown and processed; I trust this company completely.  May you all be well.

Thanks to the high CBD oil from Siskiyou Sungrown, I have not suffered any nausea during chemotherapy.  I am feeling very well, and I believe it is due to your oil. Thank you.

I have recently tried your CBD Organic Cannabis Oil, and it is incredible!!  Thank you for doing all you do and down it right: making it your mission to help our planet and patients. It has helped me with my anxiety and my back pain.  It even helped with my wisdom tooth infection -- helped the swelling almost immediately! You are AMAZING.

I have been blessed to have Siskiyou Sungrown as my grower.  I suffer seizures and spasms due to Multiple Sclerosis, with neuropathy as well. I also use it for my fibromyalgia.  Since I've been taking Siskiyou Sungrown oil daily, I have had at least an 80% improvement -- no more spasms, less tingling, and a reduction of pain caused by inflammation win my muscles. I would suggest that for anyone dealing with epilepsy, chronic pain, or nerve pain, that this is the thing you have been looking for.  I have a dot of the THC and a dot of the CBD - that's all I need for the day. Simply Amazing!

Just wanted to thank you.  I've been on Norco for almost 12 years.  I detoxed in two months -- from 60mg/day -- using your CBD oil.  I was surprised by how little I suffered while going off the meds.  In fact, I think the opioid withdrawal signals were mixing with my nerve pain signals.  I still have nerve pain, but it is not as bad as it was when I was on the Norco.  Now I'm learning / inventing new strategies to become pain free.  With CDC's new opioid guidelines, I expect that many pain patients will be forced to detox in the coming  year.  Your oil is, in my experience, the best way to go.  You have given me a new life.

I have been treating a chronic infection using Siskiyou Sungrown Organic Cannabis Oil.  This has been the most effective form of treatment for me, and I find that the Cannabis Oil that they produce is of the absolute highest quality.  Other producer's RSO-style Cannabis Oil seems to contain various contaminants that trigger a wide range of undesired effects.  Siskiyou Sungrown's product is the single highest quality whole plant extract that I have encountered.  Thank you guys for taking the time and care, as well as making the right production choices to produce such a fine product.  

I've been taking Cannabis Oil by Siskiyou Sungrown and it has truly changed my life in such a positive way.  I have complex health issues that include Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Pseudotumor Cerebri. I have a shunt in my brain that drains excess spinal fluid.  The brain pressure can cause seizures and vision problems.  Pain is my biggest complaint: some days it can be all-consuming.  I also suffer from migraines, nausea, and depression.

I've been sick for years and tried countless medications.  I was stuck in bed, miserably sick for 6 months with a MS relapse when I decided to try cannabis oil.  The medications weren't working and I had no health insurance.  I needed help just walking to the bathroom.  I needed a cane on very painful days.  I was depressed and feeling hopeless. Because of my complex immune system, there wasn't a traditional treatment that I could tolerate.  I tried medications and they made me sicker.

I've been taking Siskiyou Sungrown Cannabis Oil for about 4 months now and I feel incredible!  The improvement to my health started within a week and I continued to get better each day.  I started with a tiny amount, the size of a half grain of rice, and increased it every couple of days until I was up to a gram a day.  My balance returned and the inflammation reduced. I no longer have headaches and I haven't had a seizure in months.  I feel so much better!  The nerve pain and muscle spasms stopped, and I was able to walk without help!  My pain is greatly reduced now and I'm able to get out of the house and have a life.  The most amazing part is that I can ride a bike now.  I never thought I would see the day that I could walk around the block, much less ride a bike!  During the course of the intensive therapy, I felt like a caterpillar forming into a butterfly.  I could feel my strength and sprit return each day.  The sadness lifted and hope settled in its place.  The freedom of movement without pain is now a reality for me and it is such a blessing.

Siskiyou Sungrown was proud to be featured as concentrate of the month in the Oregon Leaf January 2014 issue.   Check out their great review!   

I have been using Siskiyou Sungrown Organic Cannabis Oil daily for over a year to treat PTSD.   I am a male in my late forties who has endured the debilitating effects of PTSD for decades:  crippling back pain, anxiety, depression, continuous muscle tremors, and sleep disorders.  Siskiyou Sungrown OCO has brought me tremendous relief.  When I am not overwhelmed by PTSD symptoms, I can function effectively in my family and career, and therapeutically address my psychological and physiological injuries.  I gradually increased my daily dosage for the first few months, and since then my dosage has been tapering off.  I take it five or six hours before bedtime for the best sleep.  I take it straight onto my tongue, as I enjoy the flavor.  Over the course of the last year, I have experienced renewed physical energy, greatly reduced back pain, improved sleep, greater emotional balance, and a new sense of optimism regarding my experience of PTSD.