Great ventures don’t just happen. They require collaboration and a collective wisdom that can only come from creative people working as a team. A team like ours…

Cannabis experts with decades of combined experience, utilizing degrees in biochemistry, soil science, engineering, health science, and geology along with advanced study in entomology and permaculture, oversee the farming of the organically grown plant materials.

The sales, marketing, and administrative staffs are comprised of talented professionals from a variety of sectors, including wholesale and retail consumer goods, financial services, and the food and wine industries.


Cedar Grey, Founder & CEO

CEO Cedar Grey is a highly-regarded pioneer of the cannabis community, with more than 20 years of cannabis cultivation experience. He serves on the primary OLCC Recreational Marijuana Rules Advisory Committee, the Josephine County Cannabis Advisory Panel, is a founder and past president of Oregon Sungrown Growers’ Guild, and has recently been appointed to Governor Kate Brown’s newly formed Cannabis Commission. These positions have given him connections throughout the bureaucracy that deals with cannabis, and allows him to keep a finger on the pulse of the regulators. Cedar has an engineering degree, and a keen eye for mechanical processes and scientific analysis.


Madrone Grey, Co-Founder & EVP

Madrone Grey, co-founder of Siskiyou Sungrown, came to cannabis medicine in the most meaningful way. Driven to help a family member with a serious health condition, she approached the challenge from a deep conviction that everything we need to thrive can be found in nature. Simply put, Madrone believes in plants. A long-time advocate of whole plant medicine, this mother of four set out to explore the healing power of cannabis with an unwavering commitment to helping others feel better. In fact, that ideal became our tagline.


Michael Johnson, COO

Michael Johnson, Siskiyou’s COO, is a cannabis expert with experience across all facets of the cannabis market. Michael’s understanding of the supply chain combined with sharp business acumen allows him to bring rare strategic perspectives for growth and development. Michael has been growing cannabis since 2007, with a focus on organic outdoor production. Since 2014 Michael has launched multiple cannabis companies as a co-founder of Talent Health Club (a medical marijuana dispensary) and a co-founder of Highly Distributed (cannabis wholesaler). Michael left these ventures to join the Siskiyou Sungrown team in 2016, in an effort to help the healing mission that Cedar and Madrone Grey had started.



Cultivation Team

Nikolaus Brown: Farm Manager

Sales & Marketing

Tyler Stone: SS Inc. Sales Team Supervisor

JR Burdett: Product Specialist

Lane Wrighwood: Product Specialist

Linden Mundekis: Marketing Director

Doris Wu: Marketing Coordinator


Christina Swenson: Production Supervisor

Kristal Greene-Christie: Human Resources/Risk Manager

Erika Budavari- Bookkeeper

Crystal Johnson: Office Manager