May 01, 2017 • Emma Chasen

The Edible Effect

There is something to be said about ingesting Cannabis rather than smoking it.

If you are looking for a very medicinal product, look no further than Siskiyou Sungrown. Siskiyou Sungrown produces RSO, or as they call it OCO (Organic Cannabis Oil) that can help with a variety of ailments. Since the OCO is so potent, the oil comes packed in a syringe for graduated dosing. Just a drop the size of a pinpoint can help with Cancer, Parkinson’s, Seizures, and many more often incurable diseases. Siskiyou currently has three ratios of OCO available; high THC, 1:1 THC:CBD, and high CBD. If you do want to explore the benefits of OCO, consult your local dispensary and make sure you follow dosing guidelines. If overdosed, the experience can be quite unpleasant. But at the right amount, the effects can be medically miraculous.


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November 8, 2016 • By K.C. Swain


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