Cut the cost of your edibles by 85%


If you buy edibles, you need to know this.

What if you could turn any food—any cookie or cake or chocolate bar, any pizza for that matter—into the best edible, and do it for 1/6 of what you’re currently paying?

And what if you could increase the quality of cannabis contained in your edible? Let’s say you wanted it derived from organically grown, whole plant and full spectrum cannabis oil. And you still wanted to pay 85% less than what you’re currently paying.

Cuz you can do that. We did the math.

We compared edible products from 10 Oregon companies and calculated their cost per milligram of cannabinoid. Then we threw out the highest and the lowest, because we wanted to be fair and accurate. Then we figured the average.

It was 50 cents per milligram.

Of course we already know our cost per milligram.

It is 7 cents.

So. Grab your favorite cookie or whatever, add a dose of Siskiyou Sungrown cannabis oil, and there you go. Money saved. Lots of money.

Three more reasons to reinvent your edibles:


  • Control your ingredients. Since you pick the carrier, you can tailor the edible to your exact dietary preferences. Sugar-free. Gluten-free. Whatever you want.

  • Control your cannabinoids. Don’t be left to the predetermined selections of your source. Balance your CBD or THC based on your particular needs.

  • Control your dosage. You don’t have to eat extra cookies to tailor your dose, you can just apply the correct amount of clean cannabis oil.