Defend our Rights to Grow and Use Cannabis

Beginning in 1998, Oregon has led the nation in the cannabis law reform.  First, Oregonians recognized the medicinal benefits of cannabis and authorized its legal use in Oregon for medicinal purposes.  Over time, Oregon’s medicinal cannabis program became a national model.  Second, in 2014, Oregonians legalized the adult recreational use of cannabis, following states like Washington and Colorado.  Since Oregon legalized adult recreational use of cannabis, several other states have followed Oregon’s lead and adopted legal recreational programs modeled after Oregon’s program.

Despite the popularity of Oregon’s regulation of cannabis, there are still forces in Oregon that are trying to destroy all the hard work that has been done to decriminalize cannabis.  One of those forces is the Josephine County Board of County Commissioners.  This three person board is hell-bent on destroying Oregon’s cannabis programs, to the point where they have filed a lawsuit against the state of Oregon, asking a federal judge to overturn 20 years of law.  If Josephine County is successful, similar challenges will be filed in other states.

I belong to a group of farmers in Josephine County who have been fighting, as best we can, Josephine County’s efforts.  Josephine County is using taxpayer dollars to fund its war on cannabis.  We are spending our own money.  We have set up a crowdfunding site and we are reaching out to the cannabis community across the country to ask for help.  Please click on the link below and make a donation to our efforts.  We have hired an excellent attorney who has been very successful in our efforts against the County thus far.  But we need your help to continue the fight.  Any donation that you can make in any amount will help us with our efforts.

Thank you,

Cedar Grey
Siskiyou Sungrown