Meet Leif Goods Organic Cannabis Chocolates


This is a great time to be a cannabis consumer, isn’t it? Countless ways to imbibe—from oils to edibles—offer a mind-boggling array of products to choose from. And within each category, you can tailor your cannabinoid profile, preferences, and effects, you can mix and match, take more or less, and come up with an experience that’s as individual as you are.

So how do you choose? You begin by maintaining the same standard you uphold with other things you consume, and you make sure your purveyor meets those requirements by doing your homework.

You start by knowing your source.

At Leif Goods they say “Cannabis Edibles Made from Really Good Things,” and we happen to know that’s true. Along with organic chocolate that is fair trade and responsibly sourced, and real herbs, flowers, and culinary oils to infuse their confections, there’s another really high quality ingredient in their chocolate bars: our very own Siskiyou Sungrown Cannabis Oil.

The ingredients chosen by Jody Ake and Carrie Solomon for their gourmet, handmade, bean-to-bar style chocolates says a lot about their view of food and wellness. Sources are sustainably focused, responsible brands dedicated to craft and quality. Like in the Mint Hibiscus, a CBD-rich bar, that features heirloom Oregon mint oil from Seely Farms, a family farm that’s been growing mint since the 40s. The bar is mint oil-infused dark chocolate dusted with pulverized dried hibiscus flowers.

Don’t you just have to try that?

We’re proud to be among Leif Goods' carefully chosen partners for the chocolate bars, and for their line of fun treats called Junk: Marshmallow Bon Bons in a 3:2 CBD:THC ratio, and Dynamites, popping candies in yummy flavors with a THC and a 3:2 profile. And, Leif Goods now has a line of skin balms called Physic, 100% plant based, bee-free, vegan cannabis topicals with select herbal essential oils designed to deliver skin nourishment and pain relief.

Next up, Leif Goods will be offering a line of Hemp CBD goodies guessed it...Siskiyou Sungrown Hemp CBD oil!  Watch for some more amazing confections and topicals from these fine folks in a few months.

Check out Leif Goods if you care about responsibly sourced ingredients and consciously crafted, wellness inducing delicious goodness.