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If there’s anything more important than addressing the planet’s environmental issues, we’d sure like to know what it is. Lately we’ve been talking around the water cooler about the ways in which it’s so easy to break a rule here or there in the interest of convenience. Forget your canvas shopping bags? Just use plastic this one time. Can’t find a recycling bin? Just throw that yogurt container in the garbage can. Thirsty and forgot your water bottle? Just.. well.. you get the idea.

(By the way, we don’t really have a water cooler... in fact, we have the most pure and delicious water coming from our well and right out of the spigot...employees have even been spotted taking home gallon jugs of the stuff.)

The entire team of cannabis professionals at Siskiyou Sungrown is committed to our whole-plant/whole-planet approach. Utilizing degrees in science, biology, geology, and engineering, along with advanced study in entomology and permaculture, they oversee the regenerative farming of our estate-grown plant materials. The end product that results from this approach is one we can confidently share with the greater community because we have nurtured it from soil to oil.

We consider the natural resources of the Williams Valley to be our greatest gift and our biggest responsibility. From this pristine place we farm our raw materials in native soil and full sun, and adhere to strict organic and sustainability principles. Through judicious drip irrigation, strategic cover crop rotation, integrated pest management, and with organic inputs applied only when needed, we tread lightly on our land and grow some of the most compelling cannabis in the region.

But we can all do better. We don’t need to just take big steps, we need to make the right choices every time. Though it may be impossible to be fully zero waste and 100% reuse and recycle, we are sure as hell going to try.  With every little thing.

We will...

  • Never ever ever take a plastic bag from the store. If we forget our bags, we will load our items one by one back in the cart and wheel them out to the car.

  • Increase our commitment to composting, making sure every scrap is destined to the pile - which happens to be a long way from the company kitchen. Too bad. Do it.

  • Carpool more. Yeah, we all have different schedules and someone might just have to cool their heels while they wait for their car-mate to finish up. Relax. Take a walk around the farm. Save on gas. Save on money. Save the planet. Where do you really have to be anyway?

  • Buy in bulk. Bulk is better, especially If you use paper sacks. Walk from the bulk section over to the paper section and buy a $1 package of 50 paper lunch bags. 

  • Be careful about cotton. Did you know that conventional cotton production accounts for 25% of the planet’s pesticide use. Twenty-five percent! That’s outrageous. So, of course we want to wear cotton, but when possible make it organic.  When not, wear that t-shirt forever. We promise not to comment on the mustard stain.

Happy Earth Day!