High dosing

photo credit:  wakeandbake.co

photo credit: wakeandbake.co


One can’t address the subject of high dosing cannabis without first disclaiming that the whole question of how much to take is a completely individual thing. A high dose for one person is a regular Monday afternoon for another, so how can you take a therapeutic dose of cannabis?

When persons in pursuit of cannabis for its medicinal benefits do their homework, they’ll learn it’s best to gradually increase to the optimum dose for their specific health concern and tolerance level. (For more on this subject, here’s an article on Leafly written by a physician.) These folks will want to adhere to the industry adage: start low and go slow.

Some people, though, have an immediate need to take a higher dose. If they’re leaping to a high dose from casual cannabis use, or even no prior usage, here’s something important to consider: rectal suppositories. This is an easy preparation to make, the cannabinoids are twice as absorbable as other forms of ingestion, and it’s a fast acting remedy. It’s also good for those with a compromised liver, since suppositories don’t metabolize that way.

But the main appeal for a lot of patients is that it diminishes the psychoactive response from a large dose of THC. Again due to the individual way we all react to cannabis, there are no absolutes here, but some patients claim they feel no intoxicating effect, while others say they get just a mild head high.

The beauty of cannabis medicine is that we get to make our own decisions about such things, and there are literally unlimited options for how we take it, and how much of it we take. We get this question from customers all the time. With our roots on the medicinal cannabis side of this great industry, we take each person’s quest for wellness seriously. Even if it means we need to tell them to put it where the sun don’t shine.

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