Solvent Savvy


We choose organic cane alcohol - only and always - as the solvent for our full extraction cannabis oil. Obviously, we believe that’s the best choice. Here’s why.

It is our view that every single part of the process that goes into producing a safe and potent cannabis product is a critical choice to make. When you’re driven by wellness, there’s just no wiggle room when it comes to things like toxins. And alcohol is a toxin.

The very process of extracting the beneficial cannabinoids in cannabis has a toxic component. The key is to choose the least harmful, and to leave as little residual solvent as possible.

For the first part of that, consider the various alcohols most commonly used to make RSO-style cannabis oil: ethanol alcohol, typically fermented from grain or sugar cane, is the same as the alcohol in beer, wine, and liquor; and isopropyl alcohol, which is a component of industrial and household chemicals, and is used in things like detergents and disinfectants. You know, the stuff you soak your glass pipe in to eat away all the gunk.  It is very hazardous for humans to ingest and slightly harmful even to touch.

Maybe it’s obvious, but since solvent extracted cannabis oil always has a trace amount of residual solvent - if it didn’t your oil would be the consistency of hard wax - use the one that’s in rum, not industrial cleaners.

Also, if you choose an ethanol product, you can pick one that’s organic. Like ours! We purchase our organic cane alcohol solvent from a company actually called “Organic Alcohol Company.” How perfect is that? If you don’t choose organic you may be getting pesticides and other contaminants.

Finally, always avoid anything extracted using naphtha, which can describe kerosene or paint thinner, and is a known neurotoxin. Surprisingly, Rick Simpson, the father of cannabis oil, used naphtha for years. But we really don’t recommend it, and it’s why we call ourselves RSO-style instead of a straight RSO.

These are the points to remember where solvents are concerned.

  1. Grain or cane alcohol is better than isopropyl.

  2. Organic to best in order to avoid GMOs, pesticides, and contaminants.

  3. Naphtha? Never!

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