Five Things to Know About our Hemp CBD Products

  1. We extract whole plant & full spectrum Hemp CBD. Most CBD products on the market today are made with CBD isolate, which is exactly what it sounds like, an isolated and highly refined form of CBD. While CBD is an amazing cannabinoid, it’s only one of the hundreds of different plant constituents that are in hemp (and cannabis). The refinement process strips out all of the other beneficial plant constituents that are naturally occurring in the plant.  Our extraction solvent (organic alcohol) and proprietary process created a full spectrum oil with a wide array of plant constituents inside.

  2. Our hemp is organically grown, organically processed, and locally produced. The vast majority of CBD products on the market today were not grown to organic standards, with most being grown in contaminated soils with chemical pesticides. All of our hemp is grown to organic standards on our own farm in the pristine Williams Valley. We have virgin farmland that’s never been farmed commercially, in a community that is 100% no-spray. This allows for the purest possible farming environment, ensuring the cleanest product possible.

  3. Our CBD is price competitively, between 6-8 cents per mg, significantly below many CBD products priced between 10-20 cents per mg. We strive to create the most affordable CBD products possible, without compromising the quality of product we provide.

  4. We offer standardized servings in our concentrate capsules. We’ve partnered with a top vitamin manufacturer to create a standardized serving capsule of our CBD concentrate. Rather than put our liquid full spectrum oil into a capsule, which can leak, we’ve implemented a proprietary process that binds our full spectrum oil onto a plant fiber, and then encapsulates the fiber into a standardized 25mg CBD capsule.  No more guessing how much CBD your getting, with this process, you will know each and every time.

  5. We are leaders in the development of CBD-rich strains and products. Originally operating under the legal medical cannabis channels in Oregon (OMMP)in 2000, our founders began cultivating high CBD strains and products for sale to medical dispensaries for medically approved patients.  Our objectives remain the same: to produce the cleanest and most potent CBD products on the market.